The Manor accommodation comprises of two double rooms to rent; providing a facility for executives and professionals working away from home during the week.

Guests may have use of our home office and a sitting room equipped with Sky TV and Wi-Fi. There is a kitchenette in addition to the large family kitchen. The room comes with its own shower and toilet. There is use of a beautiful courtyard and access to the grounds of the house which is designated a conservation area. Guests may use the tennis court and equipment can be provided if necessary.

The rooms themselves are located in the Georgian stable block built by William Linton in the early 19th Century. These stables housed the family’s hunters and carriage horses – the working farm horses being stabled elsewhere. After falling into disrepair The Manor was converted to offices in the 1980’s but were converted back into a family home in 2004. Although modernised to a large extent features of the old Georgian stables remain.


Price will vary according to a number of factors including duration of stay and regularity of bookings. A discount will also apply for corporate clients.  Please contact us for confirmation of price, tailored to your particular requirements.

Alternatively for fixed price bookings please book via the Airbnb website:

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