Whilst The Manor, Longstanton undertakes to ensure that all steps are taken to ensure the health and safety of visitors, guests are required to follow all Terms & Conditions and Procedures put in place to ensure the safety of themselves, the family and the property. Equipment will be supplied for use by the guests but please note guests use all equipment at their own risk. Guests must ensure that equipment is used properly and in accordance with any instructions provided.

Guests are required to bring any Health & Safety concerns to the attention of the owner or their representative immediately.

Fire Statement

Due to the existence of medieval timbers in the property fire safety is of paramount concern. The Manor has a strict no smoking policy and it is regretted that no naked flames (candles etc) are permitted to be used within the building.

The Manor has a Fire Procedure in place and the stable block is equipped with a fire exit, fire detectors, alarm sounder and fire fighting equipment. Guests will need to follow the Fire Procedure in the case of an emergency.

Allergy Statement

There may be limited contact with pets. In addition, the house is not a peanut free zone and is therefore not suitable for anyone with a peanut allergy. Please advise us of any allergies or health problems at time of booking. This will help us to ensure that The Manor is suitable for any particular needs and that your visit is enjoyable and safe.

The garden forms part of the Longstanton conservation area and has some plants that are poisonous or can cause an allergic reaction. Whilst care is taken to minimise the risk to guests, visitors are asked to take care when enjoying the grounds which they do at their own risk.